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Gantz follows two young men who, although having died in a train accident, are brought back to life and forced to hunt and kill aliens with futuristic weapons and items.

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makiru 06 Jan, 2013
This movie is so cool... I really want those clothes! lol
dodi1d 06 Mar, 2013
I just looove this movie! Nino and Matsuyama are great! Action and so cool i want the clothes they wear :D
milkhun 28 Jun, 2013
brupudding 27 Sep, 2013
perfect o/ <3
redstar 08 Oct, 2015
watched only because the anime that I really liked. in the drama lacks a lot of things that makes it not so good. not enough cruelty, human hatred and indifference, vulgar thoughts and actions. in short all the poor of humanity. Censorship is a gesture ... where vulgarity? sex? interesting characters that were in the anime? All this is not present; (put a "good" for the sake of respecting the anime!
tamayatz 17 Feb, 2017
It's interesting how they slightly change the angle to make it interesting for those who have seen the anime. However in my opinion the movie concentrates too much on the background of the characters and there isn't much action.