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Ha Jin is a young woman with a fair amount of worries on her mind. One day, her life complicates even more in an instant as she finds herself transported to a different era, to the body of a Goryeo girl named Hae Su. As Hae Su, she meets several royal princes with different personalities. Amongst them, there are two who become especially important to her: the gentle eighth prince, Wang Uk, and the infamous restless fourth prince, Wang So.

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sugarpain 22 Sep, 2016
Indeed. I just hoped that she'd try a little more to "help" him after she said she would. He was rly counting on her being there for him and not treat him like others did all his life. Also if indeed he decides to kill everyone, why would "turning against" him ( or treating him this way) work in her favor?! >.< If she doesn't manage to leave the palace she has to be there with him. So better be on his good side no? o_o

Either way, it will be interesting!
PS. I love Wang So also. xD
babo 22 Sep, 2016
@sugarpain Right!!!
She knows about the life he have led, she knows how hard it is for him to really trust anyone. I completely agree with everything you say, I hope Hae Soo will understand how her behaviour is making the whole situation worse instead of trying to help him.

I'm so excited for the next episodes, everything and anything can happen it seems!
cleciane 22 Sep, 2016
ninguém aguenta mais a soo e o oitavo príncipe
danisensei 23 Sep, 2016
@warmlia NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *crying a river*
Did you read what warmlia said, @babo?? :'((((((((((
I hope they change history a bit on this drama, bc So is just my favourite :3
But what I'm really looking forward seeing is that spoiled Yo failing everything. XD
warmlia 23 Sep, 2016
@danisensei yes! it's exactly like they said.
her actions towards him are not helping at all. he's so lonely and full of angry because of that SON OF A GUN DEMON MOTHER of his.
And I think Yo's fall had already began!
berpudi 28 Sep, 2016
Court Lady Oh *crying intensifies*
warmlia 28 Sep, 2016
ok, I officially hate Wook now. what a coward.
kitsun 28 Sep, 2016

While his decision certainly hurt Hae Su and there's no future for them anymore because of this, did he lack courage after she was arrested? He was merely put in a situation, against his will, where he had to make a choice and any of them would break his heart. Unlike So, who has no one else and who has enough freedom to throw away his life to protect her without caring for the consequences, Uk is responsible for his whole family. Even if he was willing to give up on his sister and let her pay for what she has done, his mother and many other relatives would be punished as well. In the end, he also continued to look for another way to save Hae Su's life.