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Ha Jin is a young woman with a fair amount of worries on her mind. One day, her life complicates even more in an instant as she finds herself transported to a different era, to the body of a Goryeo girl named Hae Su. As Hae Su, she meets several royal princes with different personalities. Amongst them, there are two who become especially important to her: the gentle eighth prince, Wang Uk, and the infamous restless fourth prince, Wang So.

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ilate 03 Nov, 2016
@eriinnye I mean both raitings: on this site (4.12) and the viewership ratings (11.3% which made the drama rank first against KBS and MBC's dramas) ;) And also the international hype you mentioned in your comment :)
kitsun 03 Nov, 2016
That's an extravagation. It was placing last for the most of its run, far behind gureumi and unable to surpass monster, with average viewership of 7.3-7.5%, depending on the source. However, as eriinny mentioned, it was very popular among international fans.

For me, my enjoyment dropped with every episode, yet Lee Jun Gi remained beautiful.
I believe this drama would have been much better off if the writer gave up on following the original storyline and sticked to her own ideas. With nearly every single character being way too different, is it still worthy of being called an adaptation?

As for the ending...

It's something between the Chinese drama adaptation and the original novel's sad ending. The novel ends with the death of female lead and the epilogue describes the lives of remaining characters years since then. In Chinese drama, the scene in the museum, in which she meets a reincarnation of the emperor, was added for the sake of a bad, original idea, modern sequel. Now, I have no idea if Korean version has or ever had such plans, but, one thing for sure - the main point was a very obvious product placement of Isoi cosmetics, everything else was just an extra.

And then, there was Ji Mong. How did he get there in the first place? Has he died right after he left the palace for the sake of returning to the future? If I'm not mistaken, when they "explained" his character, it was implied that he time slipped when Goryeo's Ji Mong was still a child, so he never had any clarity about the reason behind his ability to read the stars. Also, how come his life changed so much - he appeared to be homeless before and in less than a year he landed a tour guide position only to appear in the exact time and place to meet Hae Su and 'awaken' her?

The paintings also must have been a part of Hae Su's fantasy, because aside from one or two, they displayed scenes which no one but people in them could have experienced and painted. Unless it was 8th prince's hobby in his final years. xD
namstar 03 Nov, 2016
não foi perfeito e me fez sofrer bastante mas eu amei esse drama e vou sentir falta desse cast <3

ainda não acredito que eles não mostraram os dois se encontrando no futuro

brethakim 04 Nov, 2016
The ending was fine. I hope there will be another drama where Hae Soo gets to meet my King in the present life! Just hoping.. :) . sa rang hae nae sarang.. <3
frannam 04 Nov, 2016
Maravilhoso! É verdade que terminei me sentindo destruída emocionalmente rs, mas foi uma história linda! <3
eunhye 05 Nov, 2016
It was a disaster. Such a roller coaster drama. The begging was lame, then, some middle episodes were fine and tension, but the last part became boring again.
And it has nothing common with the original drama besides of the name and some references.

P.S. i hope the cinematographer of this will never find a good job after this drama. It was so poorly filmed. 'Talking heads' all the time.
keish 05 Nov, 2016
Iu was very good ! But this is the only good thing about this drama. Don't waste your time watching it...
alexadm81 05 Nov, 2016
Ever since I started this drama, I was addicted to it that I regretted beginning it since it was airing. I liked it way too much. The acting, the OST and the unique plot (even though it is a remake).

As always, Lee Jun Ki stole the show. I really liked IU's acting and the chemistry was there! I liked a lot the other princes' acting too! The OST had great songs!

Historical dramas are a favourite genre of mine so this was a definitely must watch, at least for me.
I thought the ending might be a tad different but I wish there would be a second season because...
I need a happy ending for Wang So and Hae Soo.

For sure a favourite of mine, 5/5.