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Ha Jin is a young woman with a fair amount of worries on her mind. One day, her life complicates even more in an instant as she finds herself transported to a different era, to the body of a Goryeo girl named Hae Su. As Hae Su, she meets several royal princes with different personalities. Amongst them, there are two who become especially important to her: the gentle eighth prince, Wang Uk, and the infamous restless fourth prince, Wang So.

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jeaudrey 06 Jan, 2017
So sei que chorei muito.
Amei! 5/5
limenora 10 Jan, 2017
There is one thing I love in this drama very much; they don't sugarcoat.
I cried my eyes out on the last episodes.
About the ending...
Wow...never expected such a dramatic ending. But I really liked that it wasn't a cheesy happy ending, which makes no sense, since in real life there isn't an option either to have a happy ending for Hae Soo and Wang So.
Still I shipped them soooo badly... I wonder how she felt after she realized it wasn't a dream. And what about Wang So? Now he knows he has a daughter from Hae So. And what about his son? He knows how it feels to be thrown away, yet he refuses to meet with his son...
So many questions, edgy characters.

One thing really bothered me: it felt so cheap! The costumes, the makeup, the hairdos...
otherwise I really liked it, 5/4!
limenora 12 Jan, 2017
Okay, it's been two days since I've left my review, and I can't forget this drama.
Them feels... I need to rate it to a masterpiece...
BTW, the OST is life... can't stop listening the OST.
Especially the song called "Will be back"
Ahhhh....I feel like crying, seriously.
jeaudrey 17 Jan, 2017
I feel the same @limenora
So, it`s been one week and i still can't get over this drama.
He is so powerful that you can't forget the scenes.. A pure marterpiece, because the impact that it left.
Miss this. but i cryed so much at the end, that still hurts.
And everytime i hear ''can t you hear my hear'' i fell so nostalgic
limenora 17 Jan, 2017
@jeaudrey I feel you! Still hurts!
Lee Jun Ki really is the king of historical dramas.
bluenvision 01 Feb, 2017
I still don't get why Hae Su wanted to see Wang So in the last episode. It's not like she would give her daughter to him or ask him to come live with her. She knew clearly that he wasn't willing to leave his throne since that's the answer she got when she asked him the second time. (He was willing to do when she asked him that the first time.)

I'm happy with the ending. But I can't deny the fact that I wanted to see Wang So in the modern age. XD At these times, I wish Koreans would make real "specials", not "specials" that only include interviews and behind the scenes footage. I love watching those too but there are times you just want to see something additional at the end of the series.

I think the screenwriter just couldn't use the time travel element well. As someone who loves titles about time travel, I just don't think this title could be considered as one. She should have added more references from the modern world. Somehow, Hae Su has gotten used to the ancient era so quickly. I would have wanted to see more scenes where she was troubled with the differences.