darui yeonin: bobogyeongsim ryeo

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Ha Jin is a young woman with a fair amount of worries on her mind. One day, her life complicates even more in an instant as she finds herself transported to a different era, to the body of a Goryeo girl named Hae Su. As Hae Su, she meets several royal princes with different personalities. Amongst them, there are two who become especially important to her: the gentle eighth prince, Wang Uk, and the infamous restless fourth prince, Wang So.

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vanityfull 20 Mar, 2017
For once, I liked the ending. I felt like it meant sense.
P.S. This drama has one of the best soundtracks ever. Like, every single song is amazing.
Watching this drama a second time (this time the Director's Cut, but I'm not sure what's different so far) and it's a completely different experience. Wang So has to be one of the most tortured characters ever. T_T I just want to hold him and tell him everything will be alright.
I think I'll give the original Chinese version a shot- but I'm not sure anything can beat Lee Jun Gi (damn he is so pretty).