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Hong Ra On has to conceal the fact that she's a girl. To make a living, she uses a fake identity and offers service to those who need a helping hand in their romance. Due to a misunderstanding, one instance leads to her disastrous meeting with a young man, who turns out to be Lee Yeong, the crown prince.

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sillysym 10 May, 2017
I liked it. But it was too long.. And some parts were too boring. I took me a bit to finish it.
I really liked Jinyoung and Gwak Dong Yeon's acting.
ally 31 Oct, 2017
Sooooooo boring. The drama basically consisted in:
*character reveals some important information*
*cue dramatic suspenseful music*
*shocked faces from everyone for a good minute*

And both leads looked liked brother/sister or some good friends, nothing romantic about them.
kasumii 14 Nov, 2017
i liked them better together when she was pretending to be a eunuch...
renii ~ 3 weeks
This is no masterpiece but it is still quite enjoyable! I thought the writing was quite consistent throughout so I don't I don't get why so many people seem to be so unhappy with it...