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For the past ten years, Liang Xia has been in a relationship with Mao Liang. She has given up on her dream for him, and all that she wants is to marry him. When he suddenly tells her that he wants them to break up, she is devastated. Just when she thinks that everything is lost, she reverts back into her seventeen years old self who has no memories of Mao Liang.

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milisia 01 Jan, 2017
At first i was little scared about fantasy part, but after watching it, i think it was worth it and it was made just amazing. First of all: let's be honest, everybody wants sometimes to turn back time :P and i think that movie made it quite nicely. All events: i have strong impression, that everything here, had some importance. Like every conversation or doings of all characters..
Characters itself: the main heroine was superb, also i like it that Wallace played a little other role. Let's be honest, at romance movies, he mostly played the roles, of cool, romantic guys, here - he's so annoying :P and i really hate him :P

And the last: the conclusion of the whole movie, was also...refreshing? like it's very rare that in the end, main heroine
decide to be single, and didn't choose anyone.

It was nice and that was the first movie, from some time, when i felt, that at last, main heroine, did something for herself and take her lesson right.
Highly recommended.
d0npian0 22 Jan, 2017
I'm honest, in the end I was a little mad that
she didn't get to see Yan Yan again, because yeah, so maybe I'm a sucker for romance.

But then I ultimately really liked the message.
It started with a woman who had spent the last ten years literally living for a man who slowly stopped caring about her. He was all she had, and then everything finally crumbled, and slowly, she learned to stand on her own two feet again. I liked how the movie showed us that we don't have to wait for others to make our decisions. We can always choose to do what we like.