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A girl named Ji Eun Tak brings together a goblin who is in search of his bride and a grimreaper who cannot remember his past. The more they try to stay away from each other, the closer they draw.

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yurisa1245 ~ 3 weeks
I liked it but in my opinion it was much too slow. I had trouble seeing the leading couple as a couple at first, it only got better in the last few episodes for me. I probably would have dropped it if it wasnt for the cast and the hilarious scenes between kim shin and the grim reaper.
In the end I don't regret watching it. But I feel the drama could have been better (i probably shouldnt have gone in with the expectation that i will love it xD)
jeaudrey ~ 2 weeks
already missing this amazing drama
mirroro ~ 1 week
this is a MASTERPIECE.

you know, there are dramas that you watch, you feel good, all fluffy, happy etc. but in the end... it doesn't leave any special impression and you move on after some time.

this one is different. each episode was like a movie. a lot of beautiful scenes, meaningful conversations, real life situations with a bit of fantasy added.
it's hard to move on after this one. you want to rewatch and... reflect.

ps. i was very 'no no' at the beginning, because i don't like fantasy dramas that much. but it was one of the best decisions on that gloomy february sunday to give it a try.

you, my dear, should do the same.
frannam ~ 5 days
Morrendo de saudades e já começando a rever. Em mais de dez anos assistindo, esse drama me marcou como poucos! <3 MARAVILHOSO sim, merece todo o reconhecimento e records alcançados!