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katissleepy 18 Jul, 2016
This drama is really bad. Okay, well there are a lot of worse dramas out there. FIrst of all, the acting is just bad, especially the guy who probably fits the image since he looks quite good but he is just stiff and doesn't even try. It is as if he just memorized the lines and conveys them like a robot or in a monotonous tone. I get it that the main character is supposed to be a cold guy like many drama heroes in the past , but that doesn't mean that the dude should just stand there with a poker face and just say his lines. There's this thing called character depth and making the audience empathize and feel the character. Ha....he should just go back to acting school, seriously. He frustrates me so much haha... I also read the manga when I was a kid and it was just.... Yeah, I was young and stupid haha. Well, more like curious, to be honest. Those who read the manga will understand what I'm trying to say. Ha! Still, I am interested on how will the live action turn out so I still continue watching and well, I'm bored. I guess it is stupidly entertaining in a fluffy, brain-dead way lol.
watashiwachiaki 21 Jul, 2016
This is better than I expected it to be. Dean Fujioka iS <3
aqu135 14 Sep, 2016
hilariously bad final episode...what a stupid show filled with over- and under-acting
locaxdrama 23 Sep, 2016
I started watching optimistically because Hapi Mari is one of my favorite mangas. I love the bickering between Chiwa and Hokuto and the slow build up of their relationship, but I felt like all of that was lacking here. The on-screen couple was just so boring! T_T
watashiwachiaki 13 Aug, 2017
omg it took me 1 year to finish this! lol
yeah it was kinda boring.
the first few eps were fun but I dunno...somewhere it got boring.
reiko92 17 Apr, 2018
Saw it in CM-s on FB, and started watching a year ago. All in all:

Dropped. As an honest opinion, life is too short to waste it on a poorly executed drama like this...