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[Note: A 13 episodes version is also available]

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eriinnye 18 Mar, 2017
I loved it as somebody who has seen all versions of this story. My favourite still remains the first Taiwanese Version It Started With A Kiss but this became my second favourite and I really really hope for a second season. Loved it and can definitely recommend it!
karinchen 18 Mar, 2017
i have seen all versions of this story too ;). It 's realy nice and cool, but i think there is somethink missing...

i would say " i can't really see the love from Zhi Shu" ...

the best of all is still It started with a kiss and i also like kiss me from Thailand.

in short: a must for all fans!
locaxdrama 02 May, 2017
@karinchen I don't know if I should thank you or blame you, but your comment "i also like kiss me from Thailand" is the reason I started watching Thai dramas recently.. haha ^^;
karinchen 05 May, 2017
@locaxdrama hehe ;) what should i say? ^^
i was just trying to say that my all time favo is ISWAK and TKA and that kiss me from thai is great too ^^ (I know someone who doesn't think so)

i started watching thai dramas afther full house :)
eriinnye 15 Jul, 2017
@karinchen Someone? xD
karinchen 15 Jul, 2017
@eriinnye xd what to say :p