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Having successfully wrapped up his latest fraud, con man Heo Jun Jae travels to picturesque Catalonia in Spain for vacation. His stay there is interrupted by a woman who appears to be nothing short of crazy. Jun Jae is unaware of her being a mermaid and that their connection goes back hundreds of years ago.

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unknown 05 Jan, 2017
I was so looking forward to watch a new drama with lee min ho...but somehow it's kinda not as good as i thought. Maybe one ofnthe reason is because i'm not a great fan of jeon ji hyeon (no hating i just kinda don't like her & her acting...)
When i warch it i totally like it...but i think otjer current dramas are better (for example weightlifting fairy kim bok joo or goblin) but i habe to see til the's certainly worth watching!
stehcamine 07 Jan, 2017
@tamayatz the actress in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is Shin Min Ah. ^^
tamayatz 07 Jan, 2017
@stehcamine yeah I noticed my mistake right after I had sent the message. My mistake. But they are indeed very similar indeed, these dramas. now that I'm halfway through this one.
ukezinho 08 Jan, 2017
vale a pena come├žar?
sillysym 12 Jan, 2017
The beginning was ok..i thought it was something new and good. But it became boring..
stehcamine 12 Jan, 2017
@ukezinho VALE CADA SEGUNDO! Corre e surta cmg!
ilate 13 Jan, 2017
Struggling so hard to finish it. It's so dull and boring :/
warmlia 18 Jan, 2017
@ilate indeed, it's really boring