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kirtil 17 Jan, 2018
@nimwoo only the romance parts are cute and fun, but nothing special by kdrama standards. You have seen cuter somewhere else I am sure. The rest, is bad imo.

I like strong woman characters and I keep seeing Do Bong Sun as an example in all sort of lists. And frankly, a little bit triggered everytime I see her name in those lists.

I wrote a long post on why I think this is weak weak writing when the drama was relased so I won't go into details here but long story short; you are not missing anything.
nimwoo 17 Jan, 2018
@kirtil thank you for this. I forced myself this much because like you said, this drama is mentioned in all sort of lists and I don't get it. People loved it a lot but other than cute romance and fanservice from 2 very handsome male leads, I didn't find anything to look forward to after 3 episodes. I mean, the story is clear and you know where it is going to, but it just didn't hook me up.

I'm glad someone else thinks the same as I do about this drama.
deformedchrist 13 Feb, 2018
I wasn't expecting so much about this drama, coz I usually don't enjoy comedy, but this was adorable. The central romance gets 10/10 for cuteness and chemistry.
seoltang 13 Feb, 2018