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Yatabe Mineko was born and raised in Okuibaraki, a small village in Ibaraki Prefecture, as the eldest daughter of the Yatabe family who owns a rice farm.

Unfortunately, her father who works in Tokyo to provide for his family, goes missing. Mineko, who had plans to stay at the village after graduating from high school, decides to go to Tokyo where she'd work and support her family instead.

Mineko starts her new life in this unfamiliar city while keeping great hopes of finding her father one day.

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afterwork 13 Aug, 2017
Didn't expect them to make Mineko meet her dad just yet. I just hope the quality doesn't drop since now a part of the story that we were all waiting for was cleared.
rojoong 11 Oct, 2017
I never want this series to end... T . T All the characters became so dear to me..