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Kim Bok Ju and her closest friends are weightlifters, Jeong Jun Hyeong is a swimmer. All of them struggle with their athletic goals and with love.

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nimwoo 06 Jan, 2017
This is the sweetest and softest drama I've ever watched. MBC is doing it right with their Wed-Thu dramas, Shopping King Louie was also really sweet, soft and light and this one isn't any different- if anything, it's even better. I love every single bit of this drama. Definitely praise-worthy from start to end, all the characters did great and had amazing chemistry. There were no unnecessary ones, no annoying drama. Everything was perfect. Although there's still ep16 left to watch, I'm satisfied enough with the other 15 episodes.
Joohyuk's acting was beyond amazing. He has improved a ton ever since School 2015 and it's worth of mentioning. He did amazing here and proved to be an actor and not only a pretty face.
Sungkyung was originally a great actress so it's not necessary to mention how good she did here too. I loved her character so much. She was a balanced girl, a very good role-model.

Regardless of what they give us in ep 16, I'm not changing the 5/5 rating I gave it.
babo 07 Jan, 2017
@unknown I'm in the exact same situation! I saw your comment a couple of days ago and thought I would never be able to catch up the 15 episodes that was already out. I was so wrong. I'm now up to speed and wished I had waited for it to be completed!
deema 08 Jan, 2017
Watching this drama is the best cutey thing i have ever done to myself
poulminjae 09 Jan, 2017
i'm loving it so much.... I'm actually pretty sad it's going to end soon ;;;;;
frannam 11 Jan, 2017
Como uma história pode ser tãaaaao amorzinho assim? Estou completamente in love com o drama e esse shipper mais kawaii da vida! ♥
poulminjae 12 Jan, 2017
Really... one of my favorite dramas. 5/5
warmlia 12 Jan, 2017
I'm crying my eyes out because it's over. One of the most cutest and beautiful shows I've ever seen.
Seong Kyung and Ju Hyuk will be foverer the most lovable couple in the dramaland :~
ilate 12 Jan, 2017
Amazing drama, I wish it had more episodes because it was so enjoyable to watch. Bok Joo was very normal thus very relateable. The love story between Joon Hyung and Bok Joo was very engaging and you can't help but cheer for them. As I mentioned before, Lee Seong Kyung and Nam Joo Hyeok really deserve all the praises because their acting and chemistry between them are outstanding.
The only character I didn't like was Si Ho - her story was quite cliche and her attitude quite annoying.
The fact that she accepted Bok Joo - Joon Hyung relationship so soon was weird since she was so against it at the beginning

Going to miss this drama a lot TT