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O Ha Ni has been in love with fellow senior Baek Seung Jo and has been wanting to confess to him for awhile. However there's a problem; Ha Ni is one of the worst students in her school while Seung Jo is the smartest with an estimated IQ of almost 200. Determined not to graduate without having revealed her feelings to him, Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a love letter, who wanting nothing to do with her publicly humiliates Ha Ni. When Ha Ni's house collapses during an earthquake, her father is invited to live with his old friends. At first Ha Ni is excited but her world gets turned upside down when she finds out that Seung Jo is their son. Despite this, Ha Ni seizes the opportunity and embarks on a hilarious journey to win Seung Jo's heart, all while trying to keep their living conditions a secret.

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littlekasik 07 Mar, 2011
Really nice drama. Funny but not stupid. Someone thinks that Oh Ha Ni was stupid. But I think that she was smarter than Baek Seung Jo. She had a knowledge about life. She listen her heart... About Baek Seung Jo - Kim Hyun Joong was the best actor (can we call him "actor"?) for playing this role. Scriptwriters create better character than Yoon Ji Hoo...

One of my fav drama. Good for making mood better:)
lunati4kata 10 Mar, 2011
I love this drama!^^ It is so interesting I couldn't stop watching it.It is very good drama! Baek Seung Jo(Kim Hyun Joong) I love you! He was awesome! His acting was very good! I hope we will watching him in some new drama soon.
bayanoh 15 Mar, 2011
omg! the story of my life! :p
hope i can end up with my Seung Jo
sumiochou 21 Mar, 2011
Although I finished it and it was good I thought this drama was going to be funnier... and O Ha Ni is soooo stupid.... she just lived beacuse of seung jo's existence.. and he is so arrogant.,...
bayanoh 22 Mar, 2011
i agree with u
i mean.. what a pathetic way to live ur life!
and it doesn't feel like real love
since he already confessed his love he should act really like he loves her

and i think kinn-chan's character is too annoying here
and Ha Ni is supposed to be ugly. it's ok if they made her look pretty but mentioning that she's ugly when she is not?! she even looks prettier than He Ra
and Baek Seung Jo style is a copy from yamapi's, don't u think?
carolhiis 24 Mar, 2011
Cute *_*
golden91 29 Mar, 2011

even when he confessed to her he couldn't show that he loves her, because he doesn't know how to do that to her, if you have seen the anime you will know that ^_^

he was a genius in hes study but couldn't know how to deal with O Ha Ni

that's was his big problem
ayameh007 08 Apr, 2011
in the anime they made it clear and made it funny i=unlike the drama which was dull and really boring