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O Ha Ni has been in love with fellow senior Baek Seung Jo and has been wanting to confess to him for awhile. However there's a problem; Ha Ni is one of the worst students in her school while Seung Jo is the smartest with an estimated IQ of almost 200. Determined not to graduate without having revealed her feelings to him, Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a love letter, who wanting nothing to do with her publicly humiliates Ha Ni. When Ha Ni's house collapses during an earthquake, her father is invited to live with his old friends. At first Ha Ni is excited but her world gets turned upside down when she finds out that Seung Jo is their son. Despite this, Ha Ni seizes the opportunity and embarks on a hilarious journey to win Seung Jo's heart, all while trying to keep their living conditions a secret.

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bayanoh 16 Apr, 2011
i have to agree with @ayameh007
it isn't obvious in the drama that he doesn't know how to show his love
i think the way he talks to He Ra proof that he know at least how to be nice with women.
in Itazura Na Kiss the anime he wasn't nicer to *whomiforgothername* than kotoko-chan
anji 22 Apr, 2011
I saw only 1 ep and I LOVE IT!!

finished it now it was awesome!! on of my fav.!


it is so confusing that her foot broke and healed 2 times in 1 ep xD
natari1993 27 May, 2011
I just randomly found this。。Will start watching (^^)b
mikomi0e 01 Jun, 2011
Well, it was hard to get through. I loved the manga/anime and it's definitly better than the drama.
But the couple made it worth watching 3/5* :)
kelly17 03 Jun, 2011
i m at episode 9
and honestly she is just like a stalker...
it cant keep my interest cause nothing new really happens
she could at least PRETEND she doesnt like him for a while to see some new reaction from him
and i m still waiting for a rival or sth to appear that could change pacing...
but no! she just keeps running around him chasing him and begging for the least of his attention
its ok for a while but after that she becomes the disgrace of all women.
sorry but thats my oppinion
musicimmortalmelody 16 Jun, 2011
it was cute and kim hyun joong is a god!!!!<333
i was not that fond of the charaters especially oh ha ni who did nothing on her own but depended completly on Baek Seung Jo and that was pretty annoying!!i mean yeah sure she got what she wanted in the end which was him but well.. i thought she was so stupid and pathetic most of the times.. and to tell the truth kim hyun joong is not that much of an actor he actually sucks he was so much better in bof...WELL WHO CARES HE IS SO HANDSOME!!!!!*.* xDD
heartnseoul 23 Jun, 2011
Lots of time ago I watched it til episode 8... I seriously think I'll drop it @_@
crescentdoll 10 Jul, 2011
I dropped it after ep.6. I don't even know how I managed to watch so much, it was just a complete failure since ep.1.