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O Ha Ni has been in love with fellow senior Baek Seung Jo and has been wanting to confess to him for awhile. However there's a problem; Ha Ni is one of the worst students in her school while Seung Jo is the smartest with an estimated IQ of almost 200. Determined not to graduate without having revealed her feelings to him, Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a love letter, who wanting nothing to do with her publicly humiliates Ha Ni. When Ha Ni's house collapses during an earthquake, her father is invited to live with his old friends. At first Ha Ni is excited but her world gets turned upside down when she finds out that Seung Jo is their son. Despite this, Ha Ni seizes the opportunity and embarks on a hilarious journey to win Seung Jo's heart, all while trying to keep their living conditions a secret.

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citable 08 Aug, 2011
I felt i followed closely to the drama and the Taiwanese version it had little difference. The only true bad thing about it was the acting and the fact it never got to actually finish out everything.
babu 10 Aug, 2011
Great piece I gotta say :) I love the way it's made. For me it was really funny time to watch it :)
jan1991 15 Aug, 2011
Watching it right now (ep9)...i find myself forwarding through the drama quite a lot :/
eriinnye 19 Aug, 2011
I prefer the taiwanese version. The actors are much better and the girl isn't that violent like here ^^ I didn't feel any chemistry between the actors. I just watched it because I love the story and wanted to know if it could beat ISWAK.
chris1917 29 Aug, 2011
one of the best dramas ever <3 loved the couple though they were soo stubborn :S kim hyun joong is soo cool i ve rrly fallen for him lol XD
reversesuicide 31 Aug, 2011
Seriously didn't even dawn on me that this was a Korean version of Itazura ni Kissu until Bong Jun Gu beat his head off the house wall.... -_-;;;

Love it so far. The Japanese Drama was made so long ago and was hard to watch but I'm greatly enjoying this one thus far.
ayamex4ever 13 Sep, 2011
I watched the anime before watching the korean remake. I personally find the drama cute and had many heart warming and funny scenes. I think Jeong So Min portrayed her role well and needless to say about the HOT Kim Hyeon Jung!!
arielifeoma 17 Sep, 2011
Whyyyy can't I seem to suffer through the last sickenly sweet episodes of this? Eh! I bet Hyunnie can't even watch the last two episodes!