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O Ha Ni has been in love with fellow senior Baek Seung Jo and has been wanting to confess to him for awhile. However there's a problem; Ha Ni is one of the worst students in her school while Seung Jo is the smartest with an estimated IQ of almost 200. Determined not to graduate without having revealed her feelings to him, Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a love letter, who wanting nothing to do with her publicly humiliates Ha Ni. When Ha Ni's house collapses during an earthquake, her father is invited to live with his old friends. At first Ha Ni is excited but her world gets turned upside down when she finds out that Seung Jo is their son. Despite this, Ha Ni seizes the opportunity and embarks on a hilarious journey to win Seung Jo's heart, all while trying to keep their living conditions a secret.

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nehaahmed 26 Sep, 2011
I have watched the anime a long time ago but don't really remember it that well.

The first few episodes of this drama, were nothing special. In fact I was pushing myself through most of it. It just annoyed me so much that Baek Seung Jo showed NO emotion AT ALL! And then that he would seem to show interest in her, but then do something completely contradictory. I was like, FIGURE YOUR FEELINGS OUT YOU IDIOT ! >.<
And can I just say; he looked like whatever with straight hair, but as soon as he got it wavy, omoo~ O.O He turned into such a hottie! <3

Then the last few episodes;; adoooorablee. I would have only given this a 2 or a 3, but the last few episodes gave me so much cuteness that I bumped up my rating. :)

I feel really sorry for Bong Joon Gu. And I think the song Wedding Dress by Taeyang, fits him absolutely perfectlyyy ! The appearance of Chris seemed reeeeaalllyy random though? Like I know they were tryng to show he was moving on, but it was soo sudden and random and seemed kinda forced? I dno :S

This drama's OST were reeeally good! Downloaded!

And I don't think the acting was bad? People in other comments have been saying it was. In fact, when Baek Seung Jo started wavering and letting emotions slip onto his face, it was the cutest thing ever ! Like in the last few episodessss<3 i never know whether to love or hate this guy for the way he treats his girl *sighhh*

Overall;; great drama! It may not appeal to you so much in the beginning, but I think the ending is definitely worth it!


P.S. Baek Eun Jo is adorablee~ Totally gna follow in his hyung's footsteps, that one. :)
jeaudrey 26 Sep, 2011
I really like this drama, I could re-watch it again and again and again and not get tired! lovely *-*
keelin 11 Oct, 2011

yeah...dropped after 1 ep.
alexadm81 12 Nov, 2011
This drama was so enjoyable and cute! Muuuch better than Princess Hours!!!
pitinad 21 Nov, 2011
After an awful first ep, I did manage to watch the whole serie. Not as good as the TW version, too many shortcuts.
stabofhappiness 07 Dec, 2011
It's not as good as other dramas. If you're bored, go ahead and watch it. For me, it wasn't worth squealing over.
caroump 11 Dec, 2011
Good for when you don't have anything better to do, I also like trying to copy some of the cute hairstyles ^^
Cute story, but not really awesome.
baabi 03 Jan, 2012
After an awful first episode I really enjoy this drama ^.^