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O Ha Ni has been in love with fellow senior Baek Seung Jo and has been wanting to confess to him for awhile. However there's a problem; Ha Ni is one of the worst students in her school while Seung Jo is the smartest with an estimated IQ of almost 200. Determined not to graduate without having revealed her feelings to him, Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a love letter, who wanting nothing to do with her publicly humiliates Ha Ni. When Ha Ni's house collapses during an earthquake, her father is invited to live with his old friends. At first Ha Ni is excited but her world gets turned upside down when she finds out that Seung Jo is their son. Despite this, Ha Ni seizes the opportunity and embarks on a hilarious journey to win Seung Jo's heart, all while trying to keep their living conditions a secret.

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vanelya10 27 Jan, 2012
sooo annoying the first episodes......but the hole drama was very cool and sweet.....romantic-comedy :D
worth watching......with many annoying scenes
babidewet 31 Jan, 2012
Oh Hani Ni is soo annoying! Im embarrassed for her! /o\
mizuxmizu 13 Feb, 2012
I love this show! *-*
It's the first time I complete a kdrama in 1 week! I usually spend a lot of months to complete one... It's a miracle, I think ^^
I'll watch the tw version and j version
leagasshi 22 Feb, 2012
this is from ep 12 ppl please
missj 25 Mar, 2012
it was my first korean drama ever :'D
shaolcia 23 Jun, 2012
Uh Gawd.. that gurl Oh Ha Ni is so annoying and dumb. How can she be so pathetic..? Omo. I don`t know what the director wanted to achieve by creating such a dull character. This drama because of O Ha Ni makes me angry.
leviathan 18 Jul, 2012
It may be good drama but i dropped because of KHJ u.u

I can't stand him. REALLY. Wanted to punch his face all time T__T
palepaleta 06 Aug, 2012
This was like my third korean drama, so many good memories... when I wasnt a hater!