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tokki 01 Jul, 2017
Damn I hope Hwa Gun won't die, it's my favorite character.
eunhye 01 Jul, 2017
It's offcially the first time i love second FEMALE lead more. So Hui, you're my new lovelly star.

In my headcanon Hwa Gun is happily married with Yeo Un from baek dong su XD Heuksa choron and Pyeonsu hwe UNITE!

edited: gosh i've watched baek dong su when it was an ongoing, in 2011, but still rememer the name of evil organization....
tokki 06 Jul, 2017
I'm mad.
tokki 13 Jul, 2017
Pleasantly surprised.

I always drop or avoid historical drama. I started to watch for So Hyeon and stayed for everything else.
It's not the drama of the century but it was worth the watching and more importantly, it was consistent. The beginning was good, the middle was good and the end was good (for once).
It wasn't boring, not even once.

I won't recommend it still, there's surely a lot of better drama to watch.

If you are curious about it just give it a try, if you like the first couple of episode, you will enjoy it entirely.
thistime 14 Jul, 2017
@eunhye omg i can totally see this --> "In my headcanon Hwa Gun is happily married with Yeo Un from baek dong su" XD and same with me, this is the first time i was rooting for a 2nd female lead. or just in general, i thought that her character was a lot more detailed, hence, more interesting, too. the writers were really lazy with so hyeon's character unfortunately.
weenhallo 17 Jul, 2017
I can't with L performance, but still good drama.
leashille 16 Jan, 2018
Dropped. I was so bored, when watched this. I waited so long, but ended being disappointed ;//
alexadm81 08 Feb, 2018
Reading the comments, I didn't have any expectations, but again it turned much better than I thought. Maybe because the episodes were divided into a smaller length so the screenwriters had to come up with great episode endings more often.

I really liked the plot development, there were no filler moments. A lot of things happened in 40 episodes (20 in usual length)!

Well deserved 4 stars.