cheot kissman ilgop beonjjae

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tamayatz 07 Nov, 2016
Wow, 3 of my favourite actors together!
sooneul 07 Nov, 2016
Omg! What is this? The cast... that's not possible... O.o
invincible 07 Nov, 2016
Amazing cast
danisensei 08 Nov, 2016
What is that cast, my godddddddd!! :O
nimwoo 16 Nov, 2016
This is impossible, all these amazing actors together? It can't be an actual drama. Wonder what they mean by 'promotional'.
tephxx 24 Nov, 2016
@nimwoo it's for Lotte Duty Free
frannam 25 Nov, 2016
Chang Wook and Jun Ki! ♥
meakoo 29 Nov, 2016
lol! Lee Cho Hui is so lucckkkyyyy!!!