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yohxq 29 Nov, 2016
Omg! O.o what the... That cast is an unrealistic but a real fanservice... And, I guess that's the point. Anyway, I am absolutely in.
sillysym 30 Nov, 2016
What with that main girl? With that male cast i expected better woman
danisensei 03 Dec, 2016
@sillysym It's for normal women dream they can also have such princes in their lives. Teehee! <3
aqu135 07 Dec, 2016
I honestly watch shows because of the female leads, but this look like potential eye candy...i'll have to watch it and judge once it finishes...if i'm not wrong its just made for promotion of something or the other, so it might have a really bad story-line or even acting
yokochan 08 Dec, 2016
Let me introduce to you: OPPA, OPPA, OPPA . . . . . & . . . . . OPPA *_*
no way, that iam having a crush on them right now xD xD xD . . . lalalalala ^. ^
what´s up with this web Drama ;D hahaha xD
mawadades 13 Dec, 2016
With this male leads, their promotional goal is going to work big time ^^
I just can't breath when I watch them xD
jan1991 13 Dec, 2016
It's just fun, nothing serious hahaha.
ilate 24 Dec, 2016
Seriously, Lee Cho Hee had to save the world in her previous life. She's so lucky to act with all the handsome actors :D