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aqu135 05 Jan, 2017
waste of time, didn't like any of the leads... it was just a big cringe fest and so not funny
warmlia 06 Jan, 2017
Ainda não acredito que fui trouxa o suficiente pra ver inteiro HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH
stelichka 07 Jan, 2017
I really hope that they will stop making such not needed stuff, I feel like they have just wasted the time and energy of the actors ...
sweetchan91 07 Jan, 2017
No comment.
A waste of time and the worst female lead ever. It seems like she was shopping a boyfriend D:
I think the writers put many effort in order to make such a trash.
Unfortunately I can give a vote lower than "bad".
leahhlowe 08 Jan, 2017
Very tiring and the ending left something to be desired.
hyukjae 08 Jan, 2017
omg what was that ? it was kinda cute and fun, but i'm so confused lol
não to sabendo lidar
ilate 11 Jan, 2017
I'm not going to rate this since it was filmed for commercial reasons as a part of Lotte Duty Free campaign, but I'll just warn those who have not seen it yet, do not expect too much. There is no time for any story development, the acting has to be somewhat corny and just overall absurd. But don't make it stop you from watching it - just watch it for the eye candy which it surely provides ;)
nimwoo 12 Jan, 2017
So at the end, she didn't even get to have her first kiss? Lol, must be disappointing to be her.