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Although they look human, a new type of humans that cannot die have been found. The government fears these people that they call "ajin" and uses the ones they can test for inhuman experiments. When Nagai Kei is hit by a truck he, and the rest of the world, realise that he's also an Ajin and suddenly Kei becomes a wanted person.

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danisensei 16 Nov, 2016
OMG OMG OMG!!! They're really making a movie of Ajin?? Woahhh! *.*
And with that super cute Satou Takeru as Nagai Kei!! *.*
I can't wait!!
leviathan 08 Apr, 2017
I haven't watched Anime series of this one yet but as far as I know Satou is an old man. So why he is played by a younger actor though? Confused about this o.O
Random chan 08 Apr, 2017
@leviathan might have changed his age :o. I mean, there are many examples of how they change stuff in live actions XD.
leviathan 08 Apr, 2017
@Random chan Those replacements and changing stuffs are making me cringe seriously. (Just like AoT and Kuroshitsuji )

So another live action show goes to my "never will watch" list :P
Random chan 08 Apr, 2017
@leviathan I feel you -- in recent years, my "never watch" list is growing so large that we would soon have to add a status like that so I won't forget XDDD jkjk. But I truly wonder how they would make this film... hard to imagine ajin as a live action.
leviathan 08 Apr, 2017
@Random chan I've lost my interest towards Asian TV shows/movies recently. My won't watch list would be filled with those current ones. Coz nothing caught my interest recently I'm just afraid of that Asian drama/movie industry will be dead soon... I just have a hope for Code Blue new season. (Actually we can call this year as "The year of sequels" though.)
justironic 11 Oct, 2017
Really liked this movie. Want to watch again hehe.
Kawaei did so well ahhh ♥
watashiwachiaki 15 Mar, 2018
Don't be bothered if Sato is played by a younger actor coz actually Ayano Go's portrayal is so spot on!
My only negative comment is, why didn't they include Ko Nakano? He's an important character too.