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Although they look human, a new type of humans that cannot die have been found. The government fears these people that they call "ajin" and uses the ones they can test for inhuman experiments. When Nagai Kei is hit by a truck he, and the rest of the world, realise that he's also an Ajin and suddenly Kei becomes a wanted person.

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toyotamai86 16 Apr, 2018
Loved it!!
taekyul893 24 Apr, 2018
This was the best casting I could've asked for & Ayano Go as Sato will go down in history!
BUT the movie, for me, was only 3/5.

For this, you have to see the actual anime/read the manga before watching, to actually understand what's going on. There's pretty much no background stories or information, nor do you get to know the characters.
I missed it, since there's very important stuff they leave out, such as Kaito

I expected a lot more, since I do love this story. But I'm still satisfied with this "best-fight-complications" version.