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Nam Hong Ju has lived since childhood with the strange burden of her prophetic dreams and believes nothing she does will change the outcomes, until the day her new neighbour, prosecutor Jeong Jae Chan, has a dream of his own and takes action that alters the course of her fate.

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missiealice 18 Dec, 2017
Eu achei um dorama ótimo, envolvente, fofo, e gostei bastante de como se desenvolvem as investigações. Acho que tem gente que cria expectativas em cima dos atores em si, e acaba esquecendo de captar a sensibilidade da trama e personagens. Não é pra ficar só babando no oppa, isso tem que ser o de menos.
E eu me envolvi por esses detalhes mais sensíveis, sintonizei bem com a trama e acabei curtindo bastante.
merleave ~ 3 weeks
I am...

"..fiction done right can make you feel like it’s real...and WYWS just didn’t. " [2] YUP. bingo.
cocci ~ 2 weeks
It was so pretty and so full of hugs. Seriously, everyone needs more hugs. I don't care much for Jung Suk and I thought I didn't like Suzy but I'm glad I tried this one anyway.
cocci ~ 2 weeks
I forgot to say,
doesn't work like that AT ALL, and it makes me so mad when writers can't even do a little bit of research.
ally ~ 6 days
Aw, I actually liked this drama. It was interesting, cute and well written. Characters were wholesome and it had mini criminal stories all throughout the drama, so the romance wasn't the main plot.

It could've been perfect tho, if it wasn't for Suzy (she was meh tbh, didn't had an ounce of chemistry with LJS, and he is known for having crazy chemistry with his leads, even in they're bad) and some other things that needed a little bit more of research.
seoltang ~ 16 hours
A parte do Choi morrendo foi desnecessária.
Mas tirando isso, eu aproveitei cada momento desse drama. É raro ver um casal jovem e bonito contracenando. 4/4