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ipain 12 Jun, 2017
Sicario? lol
afterwork 15 Jun, 2017
Just two episodes aired till now and I am already loving this.
joska 19 Jun, 2017
very exciting, great show
powerpuff 25 Jun, 2017
so. good. it's only 5 eps in atm but i already think this will be the drama of the year.
seoltang 26 Jun, 2017
Esse negócio de chegar na cena do crime, desvendar tudo, e depois sair como se nada fosse...tá me lembrando outro drama.. Btw, parece ser muito bom . Tô com um bom pressentimento.
powerpuff 23 Jul, 2017
Just watched ep.13 and I just wanted to say I love this drama, so much. Worth every second.
afterwork 25 Jul, 2017
Every episode is better than the previous one. Kind of sad that it is ending next week.
ahria90 28 Jul, 2017
the best, spectacular, groundbreaking
loving it