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sillysym 13 Jul, 2017
i want Choe U Seung x Lee Ji Hun. damn it
sweetchan91 15 Jul, 2017
me too. I still hope for them
seoltang 15 Jul, 2017
Tá Bom, nooooo. Wtf...
seoltang 16 Jul, 2017
@warmlia Goblin deve ter marcado muito as pessoas, porque eu mal dele por lá, lol.
(Ah, também vi esse Celebrity Bromance <3)
kasumii 23 Jul, 2017
1994 Yu Hyeon Jae
kyutada 23 Jul, 2017
this was such a good drama! love everything about it! all actors did a really good job. such a shame that it wasn't very popular. going to miss it for sure

last scene between 1993 hyun jae and 1994 hyun jae literally broke my heart
warmlia 24 Jul, 2017
meninas, não entendi nada no final mas amei hahaha!
por isso 4/5
samanthawoo 25 Jul, 2017
This drama is underrated - yes. It is dirty - no!!
Before watching the drama I read the negative comments about it being dirty to have a love triangle between a father and a son. But the way the love story was going, they made it clear that Hyeon Jae of 1993 has nothing to do with Ji Hun and Bo Hui, since HJ wasn't in a relationship with BH at the time. HJ of 1993 and HJ of 1994 have different destinies. The story was great but was left unclear what really happened in 1993. Also, the main female lead was lacking acting skills, hope she can do better next time! And finally, gotta say it is not a cliché story for me - it was the first time I couldn't guess who would U Seung choose.
I will surely miss this drama a lot!! ★★★★☆