princess hours: rak wunwun chao ying chom chun

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locaxdrama 08 Jun, 2017
Does anyone know who the director of this drama is?
bluenvision 08 Jun, 2017
@locaxdrama According to wikipedia, it is Suthotsitdet Inthonnarak (ศุทธสิทธิ์ เดชอินทรนารักษ์).
locaxdrama 17 Jun, 2017
@bluenvision Thank you!
bluenvision 17 Jun, 2017
@locaxdrama You're welcome. :D
karinchen 12 Aug, 2017
short say if you want do see this story... just watch the korean drama of it...

In the beginning it was entertaining, but then it became more and more boring. the last 2 episodes are sweet. that was is.
and the badest thing was... this fake kisses...
warmlia 16 Aug, 2017
ona of worst remake ever done. worst choice for the charachteres. not the original was a masrepiece, but c'mon what up with that villain lady? is she from mexicans or brazilian soapoperas, btw???? the actinh wasterrible and the main girl screams too much and make too much unfunny noyzes. blé, 1/5