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angi 07 Jun, 2017
To be honest I am a little disapointed in this. I love the first season a lot, even bought it on dvd, but this one is nothing like the first season. It feels like they are trying too hard. A lot of times it feels hilirous and not real anymore. I mean it never was super real, the first season also had it's stupid moments but in this season it's just too much. Like come on, the story with Yok and Lukmo... that's such a weird story and soooooo unrealistic.
While in the first season, I loved how they portraid the love of Tee and Fuse because it felt pure and honest, in this season their love story feels forced and overacted.
Well I only watched two episodes, so maybe it will get better after this but so far I am very disapointed!
tephxx 16 Jul, 2017
no wonder the name is make it right, because everything is so wrong in this...
silentscream93 27 Aug, 2017
In my opinion the 1st season was much better, but this one was okay too. At the beginning Fuse was annoying for me.. because he couldn't choose. Although it was better in the second half of the drama. My favorite couple was Book and Frame. I think their relationship went through the bigest development. The character of Frame was really adorable. All in all it was enjoyable, but the quality of the 1st one was higher.