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seoltang 12 Sep, 2017
Eu estava rindo. No episódio 3 (?), a Yu Eun está cantando num karaokê e alguém pergunta "ela não sabia cantar?". Acho que numa referência a Park Hye Su , que obviamente sabe cantar.
warmlia 14 Sep, 2017
@seoltang ela preferiu fazer um filme com o D.O no lugar do drama :/
alex3 21 Sep, 2017
sooo ... is there a reason why is there a different actress for Yu Eun Jae character? i was kind of confused when i started watching the second season
strawberryz 22 Sep, 2017
I love this drama with all my heart. <3
dangochan 23 Sep, 2017
it started getting interesting at the end of the first episode! because the beginning looked like a long car commercial - maybe they had to earn some money by doing that so they could continue shooting or idk..whatever xD but anyways, I love this drama as much as I loved the first season :)

@alex3 on the web it says that she had to withdraw from the drama due to scheduling conflicts sooo yeah..^^'
alex3 23 Sep, 2017
@dangochan thanks for the info! that's a shame really, i dont like when actors change during the show :(
seoltang 29 Sep, 2017
Tô amando tanto a Choi Ara.
suigintou 30 Sep, 2017
The beginning of 11th episode was intense! Finally, the story's getting more exciting to watch. I hope, remaining episodes will be even better than the yesterday's one.
Can't believe, that there's only 3 episodes left until the season finale!