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meakoo 02 Oct, 2017
The opening themes are incredibly amazing!!
calm 07 Oct, 2017
it was a real pain to watch the first half of the 1st ep, they really could have shortened the bad driving scene >__< but the other half was a lot of fun! I loved the 1st season, I hope this one will be even better ^^
misekeith 09 Oct, 2017
Someone please explain me the epilogue of episode 13, because my heart is probably going to explode from it. O_O
aqu135 12 Oct, 2017
after the well execution of the first season, this season felt a bit flat...the stories were dragged on and not concluded well for any character, but the cliffhangers might be an indication of a third season...which i might not stay for if they "remove" my second fav character after kang yina
calm 14 Oct, 2017
this season was just as good as the last one ^^ I'm rating it 5/5 because it's full of scenes that every girl can relate to. The characters are experiencing all kinds of problems and situations in their lives, like living with different roommates and falling in love ^^ I especially like that it's not just a basic romance drama, it deals with heavier themes like
sexual harassment, coping with a breakup or abusive relationship, long distance relationship, "friendzone", losing old friends, having eating disorders, getting a new job, etc.

and there are also thrilling/dangerous moments. This is one of the best Korean dramas that I have seen and I'm hoping that it will get a 3rd season :3
ukezinho 15 Oct, 2017
Adorei os novos personagens, adorei como exploraram a Jiwon nessa temporada, enfim, amei tudo!!! Esse drama é perfeito, já espero uma terceira temporada <3 E se possível, espero que a YiNa volte. Aliás, os textos que eram pensados pelas personagens em cada episódio ficaram muito bons, me identifiquei com tantas coisas. Acho que uma das melhores coisas nesse drama é como a gente acaba se identificando com cada sentimento e problemas dos personagens, tudo é retratado de uma forma bem realista e simples. Amo a sutileza e delicadeza dessa obra-prima! Já estou sentindo falta.
nimwoo 15 Oct, 2017
@aqu135 may I ask who is your second fav character?
suigintou 17 Oct, 2017
So, Heimdal turned out to be the son of that middle-aged couple, which appeared in the 1st episode of this season. What a surprise! (: