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danisensei 23 Jun, 2017
Lee Jun Giiiiiiiiii!, 내 사랑아! <3
yokochan 20 Jul, 2017
Kim Yeong Cheol´s Name in this Drama is Baek San ?! xO woaaah it´s also his Name in the Drama IRIS <3 & omg, the same director is here,too. *-*
buuuut LEE JUN GI <3 Mun Chae Won <3 Lee Seon Bin <3
& finally a new Action Drama =D yay ! . . . . . .
dziubas 20 Jul, 2017
gooosh, that precious feeling when drama with ur fav actor Junki Oppa ♥ . ♥ coming out day before ur b-day !! O.o *.* damn it, the best gift ever !! XDDD *killed* *dead* *soil*

D-6 ~~
blackbird 05 Aug, 2017
Oh... What can I say... Watch American original first 3 seasons, and this...
Do not Watch "this" :) (Imo)
suigintou 07 Aug, 2017
Expected much more from this drama. Too much pathos for me and the acting is just too bad.
bhagwanti 13 Aug, 2017
Lost of words... bad dialogues, bad script, absurd situation... they just stay there and listen to conversation when they know where the culprit is? They should run there like crazy... Do not watch this x2
alex3 20 Aug, 2017
I really wanted to like it, even though I saw the comments that said its really bad. I'm a fan of original version so of course I was excited to see how it will turn out. Unfortunatelly I must agree with people in the comments below. There's nothing that makes you sad/exctited/whatever. Characters are dull and cases (so far) are not that interesting, solutions to them are often, how do i say it... dumb? I only saw few episodes but I won't bother much longer.
eyeslikefirefly 03 Sep, 2017
Yeah, overall most of the stories are boring and the acting isn't that believable. Especially the nerdy hacker chick, when she tries to type quickly it sounds sooooo fake. They tried to have depth to the characters, but then they forgot about it? Probably the character we know the most about is Gang Gi Hyeong.
I will say the actor in episode 11 was pretty damn good- especially changing his facial expressions. And most of the single-episode characters did a pretty good job acting (the kids... T_T). Just the main people seem so fake (I'm sorry, I love you, JG! It's not your fault, it's the writers!)
I'll probably still finish this, but I'll take my time...