manhole: isanghan naraui feel

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Most men would give up on a woman who is about to get married. But not Bong Pil. When it appears that he has missed the last chance to stop his crush Gang Su Jin's wedding, he finds his way to the past with a mysterious manhole.

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draconia 20 Jul, 2017 - the first teaser
aquariia 21 Jul, 2017
I hadn't planned on watching this drama at all but this teaser looks hilarious. I'm going to check out the reviews later and if it's funny I might actually watch it.
powerpuff 09 Aug, 2017
I had no intention of watching this but the poster looks so good..?? I....might.
misekeith 16 Aug, 2017
So... isn't this is a(n even wackier) spawn of "Operation Proposal"? Without a single hint of acknowledgement of its paternity/obvious similarities, btw?
The first episode was decent, tbh; but I'm starting to realize that I'm getting too old to find guys that use the excuse of their 'eternal love' to claim the female protagonist as a possession funny in any way. :/
leviathan 17 Aug, 2017
wtf is that Beatles inspired poster? looks ridiculous.

and the title is... more more ridiculous.
leylachan 22 Aug, 2017
1st episode: the guy is waaaaayyyyy too restless. It's annoying
sweetache 09 Sep, 2017
haters gonna hate ^^
empatia 12 Sep, 2017
Suuuper funny so far + Jae Jung a.k.a. Eye Candy. Love it. ^^