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deema 18 Oct, 2017
srsly ? why i'm the only one here who doesn't like the main couple !
i love her but she looks like she is abusing her younger brotherS friend !!
and the scenario is too boring ( it was good on first 4 Ep )

anyhow the good acting skills from Seo Hyeon Jin and Kim Jae Uk make me keep watching this drama and not dropping it (yet)

there is something wrong with this drama but i don't exactly know where
cncll 06 Nov, 2017
This drama suddenly became very dull. Why on earth did they make it 20 eps? It literally tells no story.
cncll 11 Nov, 2017
I'm so sick of Jeong Seon. He is acting like a girl. I actually wish they would break up already...
mrsbrightside 14 Nov, 2017
This drama is so frustrating to watch. At this point I don't even care if they end up together or not.
deema 17 Nov, 2017
i cant handle this , for Sure to Dropped list !!

i tried to give it a chance but they ruined everything , they i mean the director and screenwriter !

Attention :

if you have hypertension or some issues with anger control please avoid this drama

Thank you

meakoo 18 Nov, 2017
The episodes are almost an hour and I just watch it in like 10 mins!! skipping the shit out of this drama.
oh god so boring, and I'm torturing myself to know the stupid ending -_-''
leylachan 28 Nov, 2017
Cheesiness overload, ugh.
I guess it's ok if you like melodrama.
It was hard to watch for me... But I can't say it's bad.