True or False

noodlemouth 02 Oct, 2016
Yes! :D

The next person is in the middle of reading a novel
dutchviola 16 Apr, 2017

The next person has watched 'Stranger Things'.
eightocci 28 Apr, 2017
the next person is suffering brutal allergies this year?
nightrainboww 28 Apr, 2017
Not yet, but later in the Spring - yes.

The next person is a morning person.
risika 28 Apr, 2017
No, definitely not. - E.g. I overslept today and missed my clesses.

Next person likes raining days.
stellybish 28 Apr, 2017
True! I adore rainy days <3

The next person is listening to music right now.
eightocci 29 Apr, 2017
now i will ... listen to music ha
next person should be doing housework?
noodlemouth 29 Apr, 2017
False. Lots of study to do though ^_^;

The next person is hungry now