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cleciane 10 Sep, 2017
Finalmente o oppa irá voltar e com a Jung So Min <3
cncll 11 Oct, 2017
This is definitely off for a good start!
warmlia 12 Oct, 2017
"If you have some time, would you marry me?"
cncll 12 Oct, 2017
@warmlia that was random af :D
warmlia 13 Oct, 2017
@cncll it was the a very important phrase from the second episode.
seoltang 14 Oct, 2017
Meio que lembra We Married As Job. Os 2 primeiros episódios foram fofos.
seoltang 14 Oct, 2017
@jihye acho que você vai gostar desse aqui.
aquariia 15 Oct, 2017
Ooo. The screenwriter of Hogu's Love. No wonder I liked the first two episodes. I can't wait for more.