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Known for her underhanded methods and tricks, Ma I Deum and compassionate former psychiatrist, Yeo Jin Uk, are two prosecutors who, for two different reasons, end up assigned to the unpopular section that deals with sexual assault crimes cases

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alex3 22 Oct, 2017
I know that the female lead seems unlikeble, but I'm excited to see her character development & i kinda like that she's not 'typical' perfect lead who is either completely black or white. I can't wait for more eps!
kasumii 31 Oct, 2017
episode 4!!! T^T
ilate 21 Nov, 2017
I could watch Yeo Jin Uk all day everyday for the rest of my life <3
purtysunshine 07 Dec, 2017
It was alright. Certainly started out with a lot of momentum that just peetered into over-used plot cliches. I liked the characters a lot, just wish the story had been better.