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heimi 27 Apr, 2018
Omg, they have tried sooo hard to make this look and sound western, it really clashes with the koreanness, I couldn't even finish the first episode. Please tell me this isn't the fate awaiting all future korean productions, because it's too cringy
bukietchmur ~ 3 weeks
for me it's starting brilliant, I absorbed the first two eps immidiately and I'm already in love. Also cast was chosen perfectly and everybody suits for the role (esp. Mike's and Louis's).
seoltang ~ 3 weeks
thank you @bukietchmur. I watched (and I like it).
rainandyou ~ 2 weeks
I agree with @bukietchmur. I'm already addicted to this. Favourite drama right now.
aquariia ~ 2 weeks
I haven't seen the original, but I love this one. I hope they won't ruin it.
bayanoh ~ 1 week
I hated the original so I dropped it, but I'll watch this one since it's much shorter.