Dramas with a lot of hurt/comfort scenes

kdramafan 28 Feb, 2015
The list you made is really great.I too love those kind of scenes.Can you suggest some more
kdramafan 28 Feb, 2015
Loved the list u made.Please suggest some more
zaharisa 28 Feb, 2015
Kill me, heal me- psychological mostly, but at some eps- also- phisical damage of the hero. Not too sure who is the comforted party as they trade places. XD
dominjoonoppa 13 Nov, 2016
i know this question was posted a while ago but i wonder if you guys still have any recommendations, maybe some newer dramas?
kitsun 13 Nov, 2016
I'll have to think about it somemore, but here are two titles that were not mentioned before.

gwaenchanha, sarangiya
Mostly psychological problems, mutual healing, but there are also few scenes in which the male lead is injuried.
The part where the female lead is the one helping out her parner comes in the second half of the drama.
Surely had some torture scenes, at least two conflicted and suffering men.
dharini 26 Jan, 2017
@zeychen i really loved the list that you made ........... can you make a list where the male lead takes care of the female lead.. please
sweetsuga 07 Mar, 2017
->> misaeng