Kuroki Meisa Pregnant With Akanishi Jin's Baby

komorebi 10 Feb, 2012
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It has been officially announced yesterday that ex-KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin (27) married actress Kuroki Meisa (23) on the second of this month. Kuroki is also said to be pregnant. The two of them had submitted their registration without informing their agencies beforehand, and sent a fax to each of their companies finally one week after the marriage. Kuroki's agency did not answer questions concerning her pregnancy, but she seems to already have consulted with the people concerned.

Akanishi and Kuroki had admitted their relationship only at the end of last month. Before, they had been stating they were only good friends.


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kicc 10 Feb, 2012
Someone please tell me that this is the world's craziest joke! o__________O
bluenvision 10 Feb, 2012
So Bakanishi will be a dad? That sounds strange. xDD Johnny must have had a heart attack after hearing the news. lol
hideki 10 Feb, 2012
I'm not really big into these two (I actually don't know Akanishi at all), but from their looks, I think the baby will come out alright. >_>
Random chan 10 Feb, 2012
@bluenvision lolololol XD ya. I know. I thought so as well.

@hideki XD lol
alleinr 10 Feb, 2012
Poor Kamenashi Kazuya, he missed and waited his Bakanishi so badly.
lothiriel 10 Feb, 2012
Yeah, seems to be a shotgun marriage, being mysterious all along and stuff.

@bluenvision, lol, so true XD 80-years-old Johnny has to be careful, heart attacks become more and more serious with age, and if something goes wrong, the idol factory jimusho won't be the same without him *cries* :o
catchxfireflies 10 Feb, 2012
"Only good friends" who impregnate each other, apparently. >.>