New Movie With Abe Hiroshi Announced

komorebi 16 Feb, 2012

A press event concerning Abe Hiroshi's new movie 'karasu no oyayubi' has been held in Tokyo today. Nounen Rena, Ishihara Satomi, Murakami Shooji and Koyanagi Yuu will also be part of the cast.

The movie is based on the mystery novel 'karasu no oyayubi - by rule of crow's thumb', which focuses on the imposter Takezawa Takeo (Abe). He once was a normal salary man, until a dark organization deceived him and chases him ever since. His life changes when he meets a swindler called Tetsu. They start working together, and under weird circumstances, a lot of other interesting characters end up living in their house. However, the organization chasing Takezawa is getting closer to him, and together with his new comrades, he has to carry out a huge swindling plan in order to survive.

'Karasu no oyayubi' will start airing this autumn.


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zaharisa 16 Feb, 2012
Yeyy- new Abe Hiroshi movie. And with Ishihara Satomi... :))
Random chan 17 Feb, 2012
Abe Hiroshi + Cool poster? Count me in <3!
komorebi 17 Feb, 2012
@Random chan, HELL YEAH :D
klonoaps1 18 Feb, 2012
He's the Man