Cast Announced For Drama Series "Clover"

akiraka 16 Feb, 2012

The core cast for the upcoming drama adaptation of Clover, a manga centering around the friendship of a group of delinquent youths, was announced February 16, 2012. Taking on the role of lead character Misaki Hayato will be Kaku Kento. For Kaku it will be his first opportunity to perform a leading role in a drama series. He commented, "I am going to do my best to help create a great production that, through Hayato's straight-ahead and direct lines, will leave the viewer with a feeling of exhilaration." He will also be sporting Hayato's trademark cornrow hairstyle. "I feel a link with Hayato to myself when I was a grade twelve high school student, in his way of putting friendship first and unwillingness to bend to the things he cannot accept," Kaku continued, "Ever since reading the original story, I've been drawn into the world of Clover."

In support, performing the parts of Hayato's childhood companions Tomoki and Kenji, will be Miura Takahiro and Suzunosuke, repectively, while Arimura Kasumi will take the role of Akiyama Yui, an honor student and plain girl in class, but one who masquerades as the flashy and sexy Reina after school. Aoyagi Shou will play the part of motorcycle shop worker Akai Itta.

The series will begin airing April 13, 2012.

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r0lan 17 Feb, 2012
!! Yay, more Kaku Kento to look forwards too :)
Random chan 17 Feb, 2012
awesome :o. I hope that aside from looking like the characters, they will be able to act the roles XD.