Would You Rather

saralist 23 Sep, 2016
favourite singer
would you rather travel to korea or to japan?
risika 23 Sep, 2016
Both! But rather Korea. (I already visited Japan)

Would you rather sleep in a tent or sleep under starry sky?
Random chan 02 Oct, 2016
@risika probably a tent... I hate mosquitoes.

Would you rather adopt a cat or a dog?
risika 02 Oct, 2016
Cat. I like dogs but I love cats <3 Definitely a cat person :)

Would you rather be a pirate or be knight?
dutchviola 15 Jan, 2017
A knight, I don't have sea legs ~_^

Would you rather drink hot or cold cocoa?
noodlemouth 17 Jan, 2017
Hot! I've never had it cold. :)

Would you rather watch a film with or without snacks?
saralist 07 Oct, 2017
without a snack
would you rather be in korea or be in japan?
eriinnye 09 Nov, 2017
south korea!

would you rather eat asian or western food for the rest of your life?