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A new teacher comes to the school for the deaf, and while trying to earn the trust of the kids, he soon discovers that the children have been both mentally and physically abused. A human rights activist helps him to uncover the truth.

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jeaudrey 24 Feb, 2017
this movie is so sad I can't even write
Humans are disgusting
How can lawyers be like that

they enjoyng the freedom while the kids are suffering, what kind of human do those things, how can even be possible to people act like that
and the lawyer saw the video of a child begind raped, and after that he really sell himself
And the other lawyer suggesting that a child of 9 years old let the guy rape her
I am speechless, angry, sad, i don't even know
I am a law student and this made me fell like I chosen a terrible profession
I am really shoked

When I saw WOMAN defending and supporting MANS in those cases, it just made me lose my faith in the humanity
mirroro 18 Mar, 2017
powerful, disturbing, amazing movie.
hieimitha 21 Mar, 2017
It shows a real and disturbing event that occured in 2005, but I doubt that was all that happened. The rapists were true monsters and all the people bribed to help let them go free were as much monsters as they were. A place full of horrible beings that did not care about children.

The entire cast did an amazing job and this movie will destroy you, but is so important to watch and not let this story be forgotten. Really difficult to rate because of the tragedy involved.