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After searching for a job for a long time, No Eun Seol gets finally employed as a secretary by Cha Mu Won, who is the head of department head at the company of his uncle, president Cha. However, the handsome Cha Mu Won is not looking for a personal secretary himself, but for his cousin, Cha Ji Heon, who is not only really spoiled but also afraid of dirt, bacteria and every other kind of illness and body contact. Happy that she got a job and can finally think of paying her debts, Eun Seol has to discover that her new boss is no other than the man who got into trouble after she fought her previous chef at a night club.

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malice 27 Jun, 2011
Protect the boss sounds lame XD it make me think that that boss it's so stupid and that needs to be protected by a last secretary :)) The Boss Has Changed is better.
anyways,the cast looks good,the story seems nice so i'm sure it'll be a good and enjoyable romance :) with a hot Kim Jaejoon of course :>
vanityfull 28 Jun, 2011
Ji Sung!!! such a great actor! and JJ! am I going to choose? really looking forward to this one!
sakurauchiha 01 Jul, 2011
Hero and Ji Sung sii??? Oh~~ the lord is testing me.
thefreak 06 Jul, 2011
@berrytm: I second that! O_O
pautokki 23 Jul, 2011
I saw the trailer and it looks nice.
choishinya 25 Jul, 2011
Haha, looks quite funny from the trailer.
e11ie 28 Jul, 2011
jj !! *—* and the role he has.
I - officially - got excited.
alleinr 29 Jul, 2011
Seriously, I know already what is an end of this drama. -__- So predictable.