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After searching for a job for a long time, No Eun Seol gets finally employed as a secretary by Cha Mu Won, who is the head of department head at the company of his uncle, president Cha. However, the handsome Cha Mu Won is not looking for a personal secretary himself, but for his cousin, Cha Ji Heon, who is not only really spoiled but also afraid of dirt, bacteria and every other kind of illness and body contact. Happy that she got a job and can finally think of paying her debts, Eun Seol has to discover that her new boss is no other than the man who got into trouble after she fought her previous chef at a night club.

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thefreak 07 Oct, 2011
I so regret putting this on hold! I'm laughing so hard watching this show, it's so hilarious!! XD
And I'm officially joining the Cha-Cha-couple fanclub :3
roxysweet 08 Oct, 2011
An amazing drama <3
It was very funny and refreshing
Really loved it ^_^
hondamegumi 10 Oct, 2011
GREAT! Probably my favorite drama xD
keelin 14 Oct, 2011
At first I was skeptical about watching it, but it was totally enjoyable drama haha

miwtf 15 Oct, 2011
Although I like it, I have to put this one on hold. The last couple of episodes kills me! I'm really angry at the episode extension, because it pretty much ruins the show. I thought this would be one of my favourites but I'm not so sure anymore. I'll have to get back to this one some other time. I'm really tired at the moment.
dodii 16 Oct, 2011
I just started it and it's very funny!
murii 17 Oct, 2011
I loved it till the very end! All the characters, even the bad ones made me laugh. One of my favorites. I even cried at the end xD That's what I feel :)
misa88 18 Oct, 2011
I think this was the first korean Drama with not one single character I didn't like. Even the bad ones were so childish that you simply had to like them. And to top it all of it had just one of the cutest tsundere!Bromances ever *w* Yay for Cha-Cha-Couple XDDD

I highly recommend this Drama to everyone who likes a refreshing version of the old poor-girl-mets-rich-and-bad mannered-guy-plot that will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart and fall in love with all the cute and lovable characters.