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After searching for a job for a long time, No Eun Seol gets finally employed as a secretary by Cha Mu Won, who is the head of department head at the company of his uncle, president Cha. However, the handsome Cha Mu Won is not looking for a personal secretary himself, but for his cousin, Cha Ji Heon, who is not only really spoiled but also afraid of dirt, bacteria and every other kind of illness and body contact. Happy that she got a job and can finally think of paying her debts, Eun Seol has to discover that her new boss is no other than the man who got into trouble after she fought her previous chef at a night club.

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kris 04 Nov, 2011
крутая рама!!обязательно смотрите!!!)))
очень нравится)
haruhiism 06 Nov, 2011
I dropped it after 11 epsiodes. I really like every single character... they're so funny, but the story line started to become so boring after 9 or 10 episodes. In every single episode happened the same thing.
The cast was okay, but Jaejoong was too young for this role. I think he's a quite good actor, but this role didn't suit him at all.
Mhm... it started quite good, but became too boring -- dropped!
mikomi0e 09 Nov, 2011
woah~ totally enjoying it :)

cha ji heon really reminds me of Doumyouji (Hana yori dango) so funny!!!! every single character in here is funny even the bad ones ! ^^
I hope it goes on like that~
alexadm81 10 Nov, 2011
The beginning of the drama was so great! It was perfect and really funny but it wasn't the same after episode 12. I'm glad it was a happy ending. I really liked the main characters, all of them were funny in their way.
cutedevil 10 Nov, 2011
Just finished this drama and I miss them already! especially Ji Heon X3
he was super cute in this drama!!
nuotian 12 Nov, 2011
good drama, but last episodes made me think that it could be better. :)
vanityfull 16 Nov, 2011
I think it great, not too long for people to get bored, not too short to feel that they wrapped it up too quickly and something was missing. Not too dramatic, funny with lots of romance. And

proposal was just...i was crying, just felt like i was falling for Ji Sung all over again. And he sang! His voice is quite good as well! If my future husband will do something like this for me, man, i would be the happiest woman on earth.
sleepingstar 26 Nov, 2011
This show and characters were so much fun, everyone should watch it : ).