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After searching for a job for a long time, No Eun Seol gets finally employed as a secretary by Cha Mu Won, who is the head of department head at the company of his uncle, president Cha. However, the handsome Cha Mu Won is not looking for a personal secretary himself, but for his cousin, Cha Ji Heon, who is not only really spoiled but also afraid of dirt, bacteria and every other kind of illness and body contact. Happy that she got a job and can finally think of paying her debts, Eun Seol has to discover that her new boss is no other than the man who got into trouble after she fought her previous chef at a night club.

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roxysweet 14 Sep, 2011
So happy there'll be 2 more ep ^_^
keelin 22 Sep, 2011
that Jaejung guy is so skinny
leviathan 27 Sep, 2011
Ji Heon, you rotten brat <3 lol.
francielizanon 01 Oct, 2011
Noooo, I want 18273981723 more episodes!!!
kaze 02 Oct, 2011
I really liked it! The first few episodes were really funny!!! And I feel like JJ acting became way better at the end. Also Na Yoons character was entertaining!
malice 02 Oct, 2011
I watched 3 eps and i really like it. It's nice and has a lot of funny moments and what surprised me, it's not predictable. I'm happy i started it,i enjoy it <3
Cha Ji Heon is so funny,i love him and Eun Seol :3
serethiell 05 Oct, 2011
me fascina esta serie, especialmente Jae
purtysunshine 06 Oct, 2011
Pretty much the best drama I've seen in a long time. Great acting and refreshing plot, it takes would would be a dull rom-com and amps it up with oodles of humor, heart, and feeling. It's slice-of-life cupcake with comedy for filling and fluffy sprinkles of romance.

I will admit that the 2 episode extension hurt this drama more than helped it. The manufactured angst was blatantly obvious and unnecessary. But since things picked right back up to amazing territory with the last episode I finished off the series satisfied.

I will forever love this drama for all the laughs and fangirlie squees it provided me. I adore all the characters (and I mean ALL) and I will miss this cast dearly. HIGHLY recommend!!