Ikuta Touma, First Drama Series Lead Role In Three Years

akiraka 01 Sep, 2012

Actor Ikuta Touma will star in his first drama series in three years following 2009's "Majo Saiban" in a new fall Fuji production entitled "Osozaki No Himawari ~Boku No Jinsei, Renewal" (Late-blooming Sunflower ~My Life, Renewal~). The story will be set near the Shimanto River in Kochi Prefecture and will realistically depict the lives of seven young adults coming into their own, each of whom, though they have vague dreams for their uncertain future, up to this point have been living a mundane, unchanging daily routine.

Ikuta's character is named Kodaira Joutarou, a graduate of a private university in Tokyo who, though he has had his sights on full time employment, has been working as a temp ever since. Upon being laid off by his employer, he is informed by his girlfriend of many years that she is breaking up with him. Then in an attempt to return to his family home of which he's been out of touch with for some time, he finds himself completely at a loss as to their whereabouts. Searching about on the Internet, by chance he comes upon a page recruiting for a "land revitalization volunteer group," and so the tale begins with Joutarou heading off to Shimanto City in Kochi Prefecture, a place in which he previously had no connection whatsoever with.

The series is scheduled to begin airing in October, Tuesday nights from 21:00 till 21:54.

A summary of the supporting cast follows:


Nikaidou Kahori (Maki Youko)
Ever since high school she had a dream that after she graduated from a famous private medical school in Tokyo, she would serve at a leading medical office as a cancer research physician. However, she is instead dispatched by one of her superiors to work as a clinician at a municipal hospital in her hometown of Shimanto.

Fujii Shinichi (Kiritani Kenta)
An agreeable young man who is heir to his family's hardware business and serves as the leader of the "land revitalization volunteer group." Although he has strong aspirations to go to Tokyo, he remains passionate for his local area and, outside of a field trip excursion, has never left the island of Shikoku.

Morishita Ayaka (Kashii Yuu)
An excellent nurse working at the same hospital that Kahori has been appointed to, but in actuality is also living with a great burden of sadness from her past.

Matsumoto Hiroki (Emoto Tasuku)
Kohori's boyfriend in their high school days, at which time he was an ace baseball player while attending a public prep school. However that has been his life's peak. Nowadays, as he agonizes over past glories, he works as an assistant in the rehabilitation center at the same hospital, so far unable to obtain qualification as a physiotherapist.

Imai Haruna (Kimura Fumino)
An employee for a real estate agency who oversees the house where Joutarou comes to live. The lone daughter of an influential city council member.

Shimada Sayori (Kuninaka Ryouko)
Kahori's older sister who was like a local idol in her high school days. Her life is now a picture of happiness, married to a nice man who works at a bank and living as a housewife raising her two daughters. However, Sayori secretly has a complex about her sister going off to medical school in Tokyo and becoming a doctor.

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hidde 02 Sep, 2012
This is really interesting, know anything about the screenwriter?
akiraka 02 Sep, 2012
Yes, as a matter of fact, Hashibe Atsuko will be writing the script.
For directors they have listed Ishikawa Junichi and Ueda Yasushi.
hidde 03 Sep, 2012
Thanks for the info :)
Hmm... I haven't watch any of Hashibe Atsuko's drama, but her works seems interesting.